Vita Workforce Agency OY specialises in directing employees into areas where they are needed. We offer workforce from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and as well many other countries within the European Union.

Why Vita Workforce Agency OY?
  • Vita Workforce Agency OY has gained its own experience from 2005 and up until 2011 in the United States.
  • During these formative years, it has come to our attention that there are many lousy “entrepreneurs” that let many companies down by supplying unfit and non-compliant employees.
  • Thus, we know exactly what it means for a company to receive sub-par employees and the consequences it can have on the entire firm.
  • Our team always does it’s best and we’ve learned from the mistakes that others have made. Vita Workforce Agency OY possesses a multitude of international contacts that make this work possible. In addition, all our agents and employees have experience working abroad, making it easy to answer any questions or solve any problems that may occur. We approach tasks with a well thought out plan.
  • When you entrust us with finding the best workforce for your business, we guarantee that we find the most fit, appropriate and loyal employees for you. Employees, that will always give 100%, so your business can remain competitive, not only today, but also tomorrow.



We’re glad that you have found us. Vita Workforce Agency OY is comprised of individuals that have personal experience working abroad. We understand the challenge you’re looking to take on, leaving behind your home, friends and personal life, to go and work abroad. This is an exciting time, you are about to gain invaluable experience working in a new environment and earn a future without financial headache. The experiences you’ll gain working in a foreign country will be worth its weight in gold on it’s own, but of course, one of the bigger motivating factors is going to be the salary you are going to receive. A fair and just salary is one of the goals in our firm. It’s wise to expect that during the journey, you may encounter some bumps on the road, but our team is ready and eagerly waiting to help you with anything that you need help with. Our firm exchanges workforce into many different countries within the European Union and to countries such as Norway, Switzerland and the United States. To find job offers in your area, contact your local agent. In addition to this, we recommend that you provide your information to our database, which will, in turn send job offers that you’re already qualified for.

Your first agent will remain your only agent, even after you have been relocated for one of the jobs we have provided you with. Some job openings may be seasonal and thus you may have to adjust your working schedule by seasons to accommodate such work, either way you’re guaranteed a year-round salary.

Please register using the link provided down below. Our agents will be in touch with you as soon as possible. If you happen to have any questions, then please present them to our agents, they will be more than happy to answer them.

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